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Supreme stay - Kai 36. Hotel & Café Bar

Fresh up relax.

Urban Detox

Appreciating the existing while rejuvenating its qualities defines the architecture of the Kai 36. This concept is being reflected in the “Fresh Up & Relax Facial Treatment” by Sandra Papst. Taylor-made for you to reactivate your body and mind. Go on…give yourself a treat!

Starting from €200

For 2 persons per night in a double room,
car parking, eine facial care/-massage
at the room and overnight tax




Urban Detox - Kai 36. Hotel & Café Bar
Urban Detox - Kai 36. Hotel & Café Bar

Find your SWEET SPOT.

Sweet Spot - Kai 36. Hotel & Café Bar
Sweet Spot - Kai 36. Hotel & Café Bar

Body Mind Breath

SWEET SPOT stands for the perfect moment, the ideal place – in you and in the world outside. When you have found your SWEET SPOT, everything is in balance, in flux. You are in your midst.
Birgit and Mike help with the search.


Between river and rock.

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At the kai

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Arrival & departure

Check-in from 3:00pm, check-out until 11:00am.

Café Bar

Mo–Su von 7:00am–10:00pm. Breakfast, snacks & drinks.


Daily á la carte from 7:00am–12:00pm in our Café Bar.


In the Schlossberg garage for €18 per day.


Reception from 7:00am–10:00pm.